Curriculum Webinar “Preparation of the MBKM and OBE-Based Curriculum Towards International Accreditation”

Inviting the Dean, Head of Study Program and lecturers who develop TP, ITP, THP curriculum throughout Indonesia in the following event:

CURRICULUM WEBINAR: Preparation of MBKM and OBE Based Curriculum Towards International Accreditation held by PATPI Yogyakarta in collaboration with FATIPA UNISRI


– Dr. Rer.nat. Nandi, S.Pd., MT., M.Sc. (AQAS International Accreditation Consultant)
– Dr. Ir. Feri Kusnandar, M.Sc. (Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs FATETA-IPB)
– Dr. Siti Narsito Wulan (Head of Study Program of ITP-UB)
– Dr. Ir. Tyas Utami, M.Sc. (Head of Departement of TPHP-UGM),


Webinar will be held on:

Day,date : Monday, August 9th, 2021

Time: 08.30-finish

The webinar is FREE and please register through the newest link due to limited slots.

Vivi Nur’aini, S.Pi, M.Sc (085647480535)

Irvia Resti, S.TP., M.Sc (082113499036)